Word Finder: Cakes and Desserts

We all know Munkey and Ruudy like their cakes and desserts; all you have to do is find some of their favourites from the list on the right in the grid.

  1. Complete the grid against the clock. You can see the time elapsed and your progress in the status bar at the bottom of the screen.
  2. When you have found all the words you will have some random letter spare.
E E C C L E S T T D B  
L N G A L U N M Z A L  
O O R V O N I T S E A  
R T U O R G T I B R C  
E T B L S A A R I B K  
T E N V S T T A R R F  
I N E A I E E M T E O  
F A T P W A T I H G R  
O P T W S U R S D N E  
R X A P R A A U A I S  
P Z B M I V T Z Y G T  
  • Words may be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, forwards or backwards.
  • Click on a letter in the grid to highlight it, clicking on it again will un-highlight it.
  • Clicking on the first and last letters of a word will highlight the entire word.
  • Highlighting a complete word in the grid will cross out the word in the word list.
  • Click on the question mark next to a word in the word list and it will reveal the word in the grid.
  • Enter = Pause. This will hide the grid and stop the clock.
  • R = Hide or reveal the word list