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For the uninitiated, DoS stands for Daughters of Satan a.k.a. Persia and Maya, my kitties, and they're 1 today. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY !

Happy Birthday girls :)

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Wet plums !

First the wet. Where's it coming from ??? Has someone over ordered on rain for their garden or has Severn Trent got a surplus ? It's the end of June for fudge sake ! Ah well, sure it'll get better soon.

Big HI to all those affected, hope things get back to normal for you soon. I have noticed i becoe decidedly 'fragrant' when i'm wet. Mind you that's the least of my worries. I think the beans in me bum are sprouting :eek:

As for plums.............. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm plum cake :) That kind and considerate 'owner' of mine is making a plum and almond cake, yummy yum yum. Actually, better go check on it. Ta Ta.

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Look out Chester

#We're off to Chester
We're off to Chester#

Yes, we're off to Chester to see the lovely, lovely bikers Paul and Steve. Apparently you can shoot Welshmen with crossbows in Chester. EEK !! No idea what's in Chester though think there might be a zoo. WON'T be going there will we. More than likely be kidnapperised for the petting zoo. Hope the weather gets a tad better.

First time for DoS to be on their own. Imagine me and Ruudy will come back to an assortment of shredded toilet rolls, ripped furnishings and poo behind the telly ;)

Well i'd better do sum lunchy as my tum tum's rumbling, mmmmmmmm parsnip soup. Ciao for now and remember if you can't be good, get the money upfront :)

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Sunshine and shout outs

Well the sun's actually shining today ! It's been a while. DoS (daughters of Satan) are creating havoc in the garden, as per, and the house is getting an airing to get rid of the smell of reindeer poo.

Ruudy 'Excuse me ? There's only one poo flinger round here and it aint me. Have you seen what your mates do in the zoo ?'

Well that's by the by :embarrassed: Anyhoo shout outs to the RV massive. Hey Big Dave and Shirl :waves: and theSite crew.

Better do some housework I spose, though how I'm gonna reach the vacuum switch with these little legs God only knows. Be well, eat cake, have sex ;)

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Rainy days and tarts

No not that sort of tart ! Honestly. Today i will mostly be making cherry tomato and spring onion tart :)
Well what a few days it's been. My poor noggin's been a veritable melange of ideas trying to get this site up, with the help of the lovely Leigh. We seem to of done good, now just need to get advertising so we can get a following. I wonder i'f i'll become a cult. I said CULT ! Oh dunno, you lot :) I wonder if it'll stop raining ?
Ruudy 'n' Bert say Hi. They're eying up the counter at the mo to see if I've got the ingredients out to make a Swiss roll. Mmmmmmmm strawberry jam.
Well, that's all for now. Be well and keep watching the skies, the sun might bloody well come out !

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