Alton Towers, April 2007

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Ruudy - Well was a lovely day, though Munkey got sick in the car and kept giving bad drivers the V sign.

Munkey - *giggles*

Ruudy - Well we got there and as we're both under 1m got in for free.

Munkey - Hurrah and bananas.

Ruudy - Had our pic took out side Spinball.


Munkey - Then we went on it.

Ruudy - Oooo Er Missus!


Munkey - Ruudy said I was being a kid but I wanted to go on the teacups.


Ruudy - Then we had some lunch as we didn't get there till 12pm. Leigh went to Mc Donalds and a bird pooed on his Big Mac!

Munkey - He got really angry didn't he?

Ruudy - Indeed!

Ruudy - So then we went for a walk through...


Munkey - Which is only scary if you're frightened of broken speaker systems, crisp packets, white cider cans or statues of women doing the dusting.


Ruudy - So we got to the Haunted House,


Ruudy - which they've done out with laser guns now and called Duel, but Munkey was too scared to go in.

Munkey - Wasn't.

Ruudy - Was.

Munkey - Wasn't. If I was so scared then how come I had my picture took with a Zombie?


Ruudy - Went on Rita and the Corkscrew then Leigh said it was time for a 'humorous' photo.


Munkey - Rita was fun, but why name a ride after a transvestite docker from Tilbury?

Ruudy - No idea.

Ruudy - Larked about on Nemesis and Air then as it was nearly time to go home we got wet on The Flume and The Rapids.

Munkey - And Leigh dropped a doughnut in Katanga Canyon. Duh!


More pictures soon

Munkey and Ruudy XxX